Our Mission:

Our is to promote the cultural and historical significance of the automobile and protect the future of our automotive past.


  1. Documenting and recognising historically important vehicles in its Register.
  2. Establishing and sharing best practice guidelines to ensure that authentic examples of our automotive past will be available for future generations.
  3. Promoting the historical and cultural significance of the automobile through media and events.
  4. Protecting the future of our automotive past through affiliations with museums and academic institutions, educational programs, and support of legislative action.

Over the last decades the adoption of the automobile has had a profound impact on the development of virtually every aspect of modern culture. The cars, motorcycles and trucks that remain chronicle in our past and help us understand who we are, where we have been and where we may be headed. As a club, we have an obligation to preserve these historic vehicles and related artifacts as a lasting record of our progress. Through the collective efforts of enthusiasts, specialists and professionals, The Limassol Classic Car Club aims to help ensure that our automotive heritage is more broadly appreciated and carefully preserved for future generations.

With over 700 members, The Limassol Classic Car Club is the largest Classic and historic vehicle owners’ Club in limassol and the oldest registered Club in Cyprus. The Limassol Classic Car Club was founded in 1999 through the support of its founding members and became the designated Limassol representative. Moreover, The Limassol Classic Car Club was one of the founding members of the Cyprus Federation of Classic Vehicles (CFCV) which is the Representative of FIVA (Fédération International des Véhicules Anciens), the international federation of historic vehicle organisations.