Application & Guidelines for the FIVA ID-Card

FIVA International identity card

FIVA defines a historic vehicle as a mechanically propelled road vehicle:

  • which is at least 30 years old
  • which is preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition
  • which is not used as a means of daily transport
  • and which is, therefore, a part of our technical and cultural heritage


  1. If the application is accepted, all necessary documentation provided, fees paid and the vehicle has been inspected by a representative of the Cyprus Federation of Classic Vehicles (CFCV), a FIVA Identity Card will be issued.
  2. The FIVA ID is valid 10 years or until the ownership of the vehicle has changed, whichever comes first. FIVA IDs are not transferable. If there is a change of ownership, the new owner will need to apply for a new card.
  3. The FIVA IDs remains the property of FIVA and must be returned to the CFCV or FIVA upon request.
  4. The CFCV is authorized to issue FIVA IDs only to owners of vehicles that are registered in the name of the applicant in the Republic of Cyprus. If available, please provide a copy of the registration document with your FIVA application.
  5. The vehicle owner is responsible for completion of the FIVA ID Application and acknowledges sole responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.
  6. The online or paper application must be signed by the owner of the vehicle to be considered valid.
  7. It is a requirement that vehicles be inspected by an independent specialist assigned by the CFCV.
  8. Please allow 10 days from the date of your vehicle’s inspection for the issuance of the Identity Card. If you need your Identity Card more quickly please contact us directly to coordinate.
  9. The fee for the issuance of a FIVA ID is €170 for the first Car and €150 there after given that is registered in the same year. This total includes a Registered Membership into The Limassol Classic Car Club. Payment shall be made by cash  to inspector or wire transfer (details are on the application form) when filing the application. A receipt is always issued upon the clearance of the funds.
  10. The CFCV reserves the right to charge an extra fee if the application or documentation is insufficient and requires additional specialized research to complete.
  11. The FIVA ID is intended solely for identification purposes, the card does not guarantee the vehicle’s authenticity and is not to be used for commercial purposes or proof of the vehicle’s history. FIVA and CFCV are not responsible in the event the owner of the vehicle or any third party relies on the information contained in the Identity Card.


  1. The required fields in the on-line form must be completed – if necessary enter ‘none’ or ‘not applicable’ in required fields.  Please submit your application on-line, or hardcopy at the inspector.
  2. The on-line application must be signed by the owner of the vehicle to be considered valid and emailed to prior to the inspection.
  3. If available, please upload a copy of your vehicle registration document with your on-line FIVA application.
  4. The fee for the issuance of an Identity Card is €170 for the first Car and €150 there after given that is registered in the same year. The said fee includes also a Membership into The Limassol Classic Car Club for one year.  A final invoice will be provided after the process has been completed and the invoiced amount will include the FIVA ID and any additional fees for Scrutineer travel, if applicable.